#d303GoogleMadness Here is Your Champion!

21 Apr

Wow…what a ride! We started with 64 Google Apps/Tools/Add-ons/Extensions/Features and whittled it down to ONE…ONE Amazing Google Tool that we certainly couldn’t live without.

Here were some highlights from the last few weeks…

  • The biggest 1st Round upset came between the Docs and Search match-up — students, especially, were crushed that Search didn’t advance
  • Editing mode defeating Research Tool blew me away in Round 2
  • Let’s talk Round 3….right Jeff (and the rest of the North SS department)? There may have been literal tears shed when Classroom didn’t advance and a formal complaint has been filed

Alright, so here we are at the final round:

Google Madness Champion

It’s a tough call.

You have YouTube – literally millions of videos that can enhance your classroom. It has playlists to curate videos you want students to have quick access to. You can upload and edit your own videos. Students can upload and edit their own videos. It can help you flip or blend you classroom……

Then there’s Auto Save – you NEVER have to click Save – it does it for you, automatically. If I had a nickel for every time I reminded my students to “click File and Save”….can’t even do that math in my head. AND I used to set myself a timer to remind them to do that! No more people – you don’t have to wonder as you’re logging off your computer, “did I save that file?!”.

Which one do you vote for????

Is the anticipation killing you yet (I know Jenni and Dana have something to say about it)

Google Background (1)

Which also means….we have a new leader:

Google Background (1)

I really hope everyone had a fun time. I hope to blog a little more about some of these tools and give some new ideas for using them!


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