Google Madness 2016 – Chrome Apps and Extensions

11 Mar

Not only does Google Drive and the apps in there have add-ons and apps, but your Chrome Browser also has apps and extensions that add to the learning and teaching experience.

Google Madness - Chrome Apps & Extensions

I put together a whole bunch of resources to help you use some of these tools in your classroom:

Not sure how to access the webstore? Click on the colorful waffle in the upper left of your Chrome Browser, then the Webstore button in the lower right.

Apps:  Bookmarking Tool for quicker access to websites
Extensions: Adds a piece of software to chrome, works with your websites and allows you to use it in your menu bar or within the page
Themes:  Changes Backgrounds on your apps pages or the menu bars.

The lovely Maureen Joy and Sandy Green have put together TONS of resources to use Read & Write for Google with your students – they are MORE than happy to help get that started with your students. Getting Started with Read & Write for Google

Padlet Mini – attach the webpage you’re on to any of your padlet walls (or start a new one)

Google Drive Quick Create – click to create a Google File without having to be in your Drive

Save to Google Drive – Saves a .png of the web page you’re on

Extensity – quickly turn on and off extensions (remember, extensions can slow down Chrome, so this allows you to stop them from running without having to uninstall the extension)

Permanent Clipboard – ever find you’re using the same comments  to students in a doc? Set up frequently used comments in this extension and you can insert into your files!

OneTab – those of you that know me, know I have a little problem.  It’s a tab problem.  Chrome is telling me at this moment that, across my devices, I have 119 tabs open (don’t judge!).  I mostly keep tabs open because I don’t want to forget to do something.  OneTab lets me save all of the tabs open in a window so I can access them later without having to keep the window open.  You can also share all of those tabs with someone else – share the goodness!

Adblock for YouTube – This one is a new one for me – this extension keeps those pesky ads from showing in a video.

Screencastify – ever want to put together a quick video to show students how to do something in Chrome or Google….Screencastify lets you do that AND it saves the video file in Drive.  Students can also share their thinking as their working on a site by using this tool…rumor has it, Justin Brennan at North really likes to use it this way. (it’s not really a rumor….he does)

Snag it – This extension lets you take screencasts and screenshots in your Chrome browser

Scan QR – students can use a webcam to scan a QR code with this Chrome app

Session Buddy – Like OneTab, Session Buddy lets you better organize your tabs.  This is really great to use when you (or your students!) are working on projects.

Kami – need students to collaborate and annotate a PDF? Yep – use this 🙂

Move It – Move It is a reminder to get up and move!

Add to Google Classroom – reading an article you’d really like to have your students read?  Come across a site that you think your students should check out? Add to Google Classroom allows you to set up an assignment or announcement from the page you’re working on in Chrome.  Now you don’t have to open up Classroom in a separate tab!

Share to Google Classroom – want to get a URL out to everyone in your classroom right now? This extension allows you to push out a webpage to everyone in your classroom

Don’t forget to comment: What are your go-to apps or extensions?  Which ones do students like to use?


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