Google Madness 2016 – Google Features

4 Mar

What makes Google tools so different from everything else?  Why is everyone always talking about Google?  This part of the bracket highlights the best of the best features that Google has to offer.

Google Madness - GAfE features

These tools are what make Google great.

Let’s start at a few that really stand out:

1 – Research Tool – You can find the Research tool in Docs, Slides and Drawing.  The Research tool opens up a Google search box in the app.  Here’s a doc that will walk you through the features

8 & 9 – Editing Mode vs. Suggesting Mode – Have you discovered the different ways to edit a doc?  I’m sure we’re all used to Editing Mode – this allows you to change the doc and overrides anything anyone else has typed.  But there is another mode – Suggesting Mode.  Read my blog post about it! I really like Suggesting Mode, especially when I’m working with student writing.

12 – Voice Typing – have you had students try out Voice Typing in Docs yet?  Could this be a way to help students who struggle with fine motor skills still produce something digital?  Could this speed up the brainstorming process?  Click Tools and Voice Typing in a Google Doc to see how it works!

13 – I think that Google Templates is another tool that is not tapped into.  Teachers and students can find and use templates.  You can access templates here.  You can also click New and From Template in any Google App or from the waffle button which takes you to the app Home Page.

What are your favorite features when working with Google tools??!!


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