Google Madness 2016 – Google Apps and Add-Ons

4 Mar

Not only is there a great set of Google tools for you and your students to use, but there are tools that work with Google Apps to make them even better!

Google Madness - Google Apps Add-ons & Apps

There are a couple places you can find these tools.  When you’re in a Google app (Docs, Sheets and Forms) there is a menu item at the top that says Add-Ons.  In Google Drive, if you select New, then More, then + Connect More Apps, you’ll find a list of Apps to try out.  Click the image below, to find out more about these apps and add-ons!

Google Add-ons & Apps

So, Goobric is my wild card in here – it’s really a Chrome extension, but it’s so closely tied with Sheets, that I popped it in here.  Good thing this is my game, right?

You guys, there are SO many more Drive apps and Google Add-Ons – please comment below with your favorites so we can be checking them out!


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