Google Madness 2016 – Coming Soon!

4 Mar

This past week, I had the opportunity to learn with the great, George Couros (if you’re not following him on Twitter, change that…now!). He said something TONS of things that got me thinking big things.  But here’s one of the gems that I want to talk about:

Inside the box

Wait! What does that even mean? How is this different from “think outside the box”? Is it any different?? Could we still be innovative despite constraints or roadblocks or schedules or time or ? I like to believe we can and I think this mindset can change things….change our classrooms…change our students….change us, as teachers.  But people….WE ARE ALREADY DOING THIS and, thus, this post comes to fruition.

Our community has been doing some fabulous things with students! Students are engaged in Googly activities at every level and I want to celebrate that….with a game, of course!

Starting March 11th, we will determine the Google Tool to Rule Them All – What is the 2016 Google Tool?! And I need YOUR help.

Google Madness Logo

On March 11th, you’ll have access to your Google Bracket along with some blog posts about each section of the bracket.  Here’s my challenge:

  • Participate! (please!) This game is open to EVERY TEACHER in our community – how often does that happen?? I want you to be a part of it, because I think you’ll get some great ideas and provide new experiences for your students.
  • Get to know these tools – I’m going to highlight each and every one, so if you’ve never heard of it before keep reading the blog.
  • Tell me what you’re doing – do you use this tool with your students?  Share your stories, student examples, pictures with me and I’ll feature you! (Who wouldn’t want to be featured on my blog?! hehe)


(see what I did there in that poll?)


Stay Tuned….and tell your friends!


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