Albert Bandura

5 Aug

I’m writing a wiki about Albert Bandura for one of my grad classes.  I’d like to take a road trip to Stanford to meet this guy.  I like him – I like his thoughts on learning.  Here’s the gist – he’s a social learning theorist that has done a lot of research on self-efficacy and learning.  Let me say, this is the guy that started the research on self-efficacy.  We all know that if you think you can do something, you’re more likely to get the job done – this guy proved it.

Here are some quotes from him that I REALLY like:

“Self-belief does not necessarily ensure success, but self-disbelief assuredly spawns failure”

“A theory that denies that thoughts can regulate actions does not lend itself readily to the explanation of complex human behavior”

“People not only gain understanding through reflection, they evaluate and alter their own thinking”

“Once established, reputations do not easily change” (sorry Lindsay Lohan – there is still hope)

“By sticking it out through tough times, people emerge from adversity with a stronger sense of efficacy”

“People who hold a low view of themselves will credit their achievements to external factors rather than to their own capabilities” (come on people – give yourself some credit! (humbleness is good, too, though))

“If self-efficacy is lacking, people tend to behave ineffectually, even though they know what to do”

“People who regard themselves as highly efficacious act, think, and feel differently from those who perceive themselves as inefficacious. They produce their own future, rather than simply foretell it”


Educators need to convey that they really believe their students can achieve. -me. 🙂



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