My Toughest Job

19 May



‘Nough said, right?!

I know the majority of you can relate to this.  I love these two kids – they bring me most joy – they also give me much worry.  Being in a classroom all day long creates this worry in me for these two cuties.  For one, I’m exhausted when I come home to them.  My brain has shut down and my body craves sleep.  I feel like I’m depriving them of the best of me.  I have big plans for the summer to make things up to them.

For Seth – enrollment in the Mkrtschjan Academy. 🙂  I did a little research while I was at school today (yes, it’s Saturday.  I was there copying our school’s literary magazine, so I was able to do a little web browsing while the copier was busy).  I’ve been nervous about “teaching” him – do I really know what’s developmentally appropriate for a 3 year old?  I worry when he skips numbers or can’t pronounce his “l’s” or “th’s”.  I’m sure this is all normal, but I really don’t know – I focused on middle school kids in undergrad. There is so much on the Internet for ideas and tips and activities to help foster thinking skills for youngsters.  Here are a few I found:

Toddler Busy Bag Swap – TONS of easy activities for you to put together

All For the Boys – I was very impressed with her parenting outlook

Busy Bag Exchange – it sounds like I need to set one of these up for the neighborhood parents!

Palm Pipes – These are AWESOME.  Seth LOVES the harmonica and I bet he’d love these pipes, too.   Break out the tools. (Update: Jay (the hubs) just said PVC is pretty toxic so maybe I’d find another medium to do this since Eleanor finds every one of Seth’s toys and chews on them)

For Eleanor – I really want to make her a quiet book.  I had never heard of a quiet book until the last year.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a soft activity book.  Typically it’s made of felt and the objective is to provide quiet activities for your child to do when they need to be quiet (the doctor’s office, church, you’re in a meeting, you’re on the phone, etc.)  There are SO many ideas for this, too.  For Eleanor, since she’s only 9 months, I’d stick with textures and crinkles (as I call them).  Here are some things I’ve found over the past several months.

Serving Pink Lemonade – I LOVE the name of this blog

So, I obviously have some GRAND plans for the summer.  I guess this is probably something I will be thinking about ALL of the time until they are both like 30 or something like that, but it helps to have some sort of plan.

We may just spend the whole summer at the pool, though 🙂  Let’s be realistic.


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