An Elementary Science Lab: Our Science Curriculum (Part 2 of 3)

19 Feb

Our District’s Current Science Curriculum

Purpose: To help students become scientifically literate and able to use science in their lives by engaging their natural curiosity and developing attitudes that are characteristic of scientists.

The district’s science curriculum uses an inquiry-centered approach to science learning. Students participate in rich hands-on experiences in order to develop a deeper understanding of scientific concepts and processes.

Grade Level

Life Science

Physical Science

Earth Science

Kindergarten Eggs to Chicks I’m Sensible Caretakers of the Earth
First Grade AnimalsSeeds to Plants Forces Around Us Forces Around Us
Second Grade Mission NutritionButterflies Matter Matters Weather Watchers
Third Grade Mighty Mealworms Anchors Aweigh Rocky Roads
Fourth Grade Natural Systems in Balance Energy, Sound, and LightMystery Powders Natural Systems in Balance
Fifth Grade Crayfish Connection Electricity and Electromagnetism Earthbound, but Sky Wise

A more detailed look at our curriculum
 – including learner outcomes

Our district’s curriculum is rich in scientific inquiry; however, as alluded to in the previous post, our teachers find it difficult to give our students the richest experiences because of the lack of resources, time and equipment.

Creating a science lab in our school will let us house our materials and supplies in one location.  It will allow our teachers to have enough space in one area to let the students explore and experiment and, most importantly, will give our students the chance to feel like scientists and cultivate a love for scientific inquiry.

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