An Elementary Science Lab: Making Student Scientists (Part 3 of 3)

19 Feb

Our New Science Lab

We have a space available that is about double the size of our 1st-5th classrooms. Logistically, it’s about an 80′ x 70′ room.  The goal is that two classrooms could conceivably be in there at once.  This would add to the collaboration between students and teachers.  We are fortunate that our scheduled science times don’t overlap very much with other grade levels, so we’d be “competing” within our grade level for time in the lab – this really isn’t an issue, though.

Here’s the itemized list for the new science lab

150k classroom budget

We have all stressed how important Professional Development is when introducing new technology.  To start, part of the budget includes one full-day release day for teachers to work with the technology, plan their units, sign up for the lab, and even do a bit of interior decorating.  A half-day release time is also budgeted so that after the first unit is completed, teams can get together to reflect and revise.

Science_Lab_Release_Time_Agenda (this is for the full-day release, the half-day release agenda would be determined by the team)

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